the pioneer of 3 jam selesai

Hashtag Laundry was established in 2019, we start this business because of the experience of tourists that visiting Bali but can’t locate fast laundry services that has a good quality. The only available services at that time were laundry services that were managed by the residents, which did not have a strong brand image neither professional management system and laundry services that took a long time to complete. This is certainly not efficient because the average tourist that visits Bali is only for 5 days to 7 days.

The increase in tourist visits to Bali also increases the other side of the economy, offices, trade, food and beverage industries. These industries later became one of the reasons for this service to exist. As various aspects increase, the demand for laundry services also continues to increase. Therefore, wider cooperation is needed, especially to expand laundry services in Bali.

Due to the office industry that requires fast laundry services, Hashtag Laundry was established to overcome these problems by providing a fast laundry service which was completed within 3 hours. The growing Hashtag Laundry brand, the high demand for fast laundry, as well as the local economy.